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Bondservants of Christ

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I knew a couple that did carpet cleaning as their ministry. Not something that immediately comes to mind when thinking of such a thing, like feeding the children, healing the sick, building schools, and sinking freshwater wells in far flung places.

I found them the usual way--by searching the web. I needed their expertise for some much-needed work in our rental home. They were local and the price was reasonable enough.

While "Ralph" (not his real name) conscientiously and methodically went about his business, I chatted with him for a bit about life, the universe, and everything else. (His wife ran the business end back at their office.) It became rather apparent without even asking that he was probably a believer. The Spirit's mark was clearly visible through his conduct and diligence.

They did a superb job, so I asked them back when it came time to vacate the house. Then, as my church's administrator, when carpet cleaning time came, there was no doubt who I was going to call. This was sometime in the Fall. But they told me if we could wait a few months from January through March every year they cleaned church carpets for free!

We waited. And it also confirmed my feeling about their believing. They said this was their way of giving back.

When the job was finished, the results were fantastic as expected. No corners cut. As thorough as a paid job. Still, I offered to pay something, but they wouldn't hear of it. Their service was their ministry, not as eye-service to people, but to the Lord, aiming to please and glorify Him (Eph. 6:5-8). And I was confident they eventually would be paid (Matt. 6:20).

Through the exceptional service and integrity of their business, I wondered how many seeds they sowed in homes and businesses through carpet cleaning? Seeds where "traditional" ministries could have never gained access to scatter.

Although I would never restrict writing solely for Christian businesses, my aim is to work alongside businesses and organizations, like the carpet cleaning couple, who consider what they do a ministry, representing Christ in the marketplace. And as we come from all walks of life, our common bond is faith in Jesus Christ. We believe our actions now last for time and eternity and are done for so much more than earthly gain.

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